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A 3D View of What You’ll Look Like After Cosmetic Surgery

Crisalix is a game-changing technology that’s revolutionized 3D aesthetic simulation with artificial intelligence, computer vision, and augmented reality, and it permits the creation of highly accurate 3D reconstructions of human bodies and the simulation of aesthetic procedures. Its disruptive technology caters to some of the world’s most recognized plastic surgeons and clinics across 5 continents, like Dr. Quereshy at Visage Surgical Institute, the only practice in the greater Cleveland area that offers this revolutionary technology.

Crisalix Virtual Aesthetics

Dr. Quereshy has the ability to show and simulate most common surgical procedures in real time, using the latest advances in an interactive 3D graphics engine. Thanks to the fact that the 3D models are in real scale, you can also see valuable information overlay on the screen.

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Crisalix 3D Simulation in Greater Cleveland

The Spoiler Alert You’ve Been Waiting For

You’ve done the research, and you’re ready to move forward with that long-awaited cosmetic procedure, but there’s still one thing holding you back. You’re just not sure how the transformation will look on YOU. You love the examples you’ve seen, but how will this treatment fit with the rest of your unique features? What will YOU look like once it’s all said and done?

If you knew how this journey ended, would you be much more willing to take it, knowing that it’d bring you to exactly where you wanted to be? If you were to get a clear picture of where you were headed, would you move forward with much more grace and confidence?

While we get irritated when someone gives away the ending of a good movie, we actually crave a spoiler when it comes to the results of cosmetic surgery. And that’s exactly what our Crisalix 3D simulation does—reveals the final outcome in YOU form. We know that surprises, when it comes to surgery, are not welcome.

So, at our practice in Medina, OH, we use the latest technology to eliminate the caution and anxiety that stands in your way, the uncertainty that’s giving you pause. Our Crisalix 3D simulation puts an end to your doubts by providing 3D images of your face or body with the cosmetic enhancements you are considering. This new technology allows you to see your new look before you move forward with cosmetic surgery.

How does Crisalix 3D simulation work?

It’s really quite simple. Begin by taking three pictures of your face or body with a mobile phone or camera. Then, securely upload the images to your Crisalix account. Once you sign in, you’re able to visualize your face or body in 3D. In fact, Crisalix provides access to the most advanced features to simulate all sorts of procedures for your face or breasts.

Still not sure if you should receive that cosmetic surgery?

Once you’ve viewed the 3D images that Crisalix simulates and you’re still uncertain about moving forward, share your results with friends and family to get advice, support, and feedback that will help you make the right decision. You can also share your simulation anonymously on the exclusive and private “before and after” 3D community where fellow patients can advise you.

Crisalix is the world’s leading virtual reality 4D & 3D plastic surgery imaging solution, providing simulations for plastic procedures, such as breast augmentations, rhinoplasty, body contouring, and more. View your new body in a way that helps to answer common questions during your consultation.

As we continue to navigate safest measures through the COVID-19 pandemic, we allow you to virtually visit our practice with 3D remote consultations. Dr. Quereshy looks forward to offering his expertise and answering your questions while you consider treatment.

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