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  • “Changing Faces, Saving Lives.” Seminar for Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine – presented by Dr. Quereshy on April 21, 2021



  • Should teens get their wisdom teeth pulled before troubles start? from the Washington Post, August 7, 2023
    > Dr. Quereshy quoted in the Washington Post article
  • “From Terror to Hope” – Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine helps victim of terrorist attack put his life back together. May 19, 2020 in The Daily
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  • Dental medicine’s Faisal Quereshy talks about robot-assisted technology in the field. Drilling into the future of robot-assisted dentistry, The Daily, October 29, 2019.
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  • Nearing the end of another busy ‘wisdom tooth season’: Michael K. McIntyre’s Tipoff, Jan. 11, 2019.
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  • Jaw Surgery makes a Difference for Young Patient with Severe Effects of Nemaline Myopathy
    > Read the article written by Dr. Quereshy, July 12, 2018, University Hospitals
  • “Spear” wrote a profile report on Dr. Faisal Quereshy.  In the article, the doctor answers questions about consistent quality, some basic information about himself, and much more.
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  • The Summit County Women’s Journal spoke with Dr. Quereshy and Dr. Usman for the December/January 2012 edition of the publication.  In the article, the doctors discussed ideas for patients looking to maintain their look or make aesthetic improvements in the new year. Patients often find this advice from cosmetic surgeons helpful after the holidays and as they begin New Year’s resolutions.
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  • Medina’s own Positive Times featured Visage Surgical Institute in August 2011 on the cover. Dr. Quereshy, Dr. Usman, and esthetician Katie Marino were profiled in the article about customized skin care and medical spa services.  Marino said, “Our clients are not buying a product but instead they are purchasing a service for the purpose of achieving their desired results.”
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AAOMS On the Go Podcast

AAOMS On the Go PodcastOMS Faculty Section: Education is the Foundation of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Featured Speaker:
Faisal Quereshy, DDS, MD, FACS
The OMS Faculty Section provides a discussion forum for OMS educators; develops improved methods of residency, predoctoral and postdoctoral education in oral and maxillofacial surgery and encourages clinical and laboratory research within residency and helps to ensure a continuing supply of outstanding faculty for residency, predoctoral and postdoctoral programs.
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Everyday Oral Surgery Podcast: Surgeons Talking ShopEveryday Oral Surgery: Surgeons Talking Shop
Dr. Faisal Quereshy: a program director’s perspective on interviews, externships, and ranking applicants, as well as thoughts on running both a residency and successful private practice.
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Radio Spots

Radio Show visit
An air-check from LeeAnn AND Brian this morning on WGAR

Dr Quereshy visiting Radio Show

Your Morning Show Feud Air-Check

WGAR 99.5 radio, iHeart Media Cleveland

Dr. Quereshy on iHeart Radio and WGAR 99.5

Dr. Quereshy on the air during Radio Show visit
Dr. Quereshy during Radio Show visit