Emage Facial Analysis

Facial Skin Analysis with Emage Analysis MachineImage Pro II Skin Analyzing System

What is the Image Pro?

Image Pro is an advanced 3-D imaging tool for complete clinical skin analysis. Our aestheticians can see deep into the dermal layers and perform the most accurate skin analysis to uncover future problem areas before they are visible.

What does Image Pro do?

Image Pro measures and analyzes fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage in normal light (shows surface conditions), UV Light (subsurface conditions/below the surface of the skin), and polarized light (enhanced surface conditions). The device can be used to view pore depth, sebum (oil), and acne scarring in 3-D. Image Pro also can evaluate skin tone and pigment variations.

How does Image Pro work?

The patient places their face inside the device and passport-size images are snapped. The machine measures fine lines, wrinkles, skin texture, sun damage, pore size, sensitivity, and capillary damage.

Based on your personal profile, you will receive a printed record of your personalized treatment plan that will include recommendations of products and treatments for ongoing skin care health. Your Image Pro results will be used to monitor the effectiveness of your personalized treatment solution and check your complexion’s vitality over time.

How long does Image Pro take?

The skin analysis itself only takes 10 minutes, but you will want to plan at least 30 minutes to discuss your results and treatment solution.

Why Should I have 3-D Skin Analysis?

Our eyes cannot see all the information needed to choose the proper treatments or understand the true results of those treatments. The Image Pro II facial analysis system in Medina Ohio delivers supreme facial comprehension leading to more effective treatments and patient satisfaction. Our aestheticians will be able to treat surface and subsurface conditions including sun damage, pore depth, and more.

Cyto Pen

EMAGE 3-D Skin Analysis example, to better treat surface and subsurface conditions

Cyto Pen is a medical micro-needling device by EMAGE Medical that can be used for the minimally invasive treatment of common issues such as:

  • Pigmentation and skin tone flaws
  • Poor skin texture
  • Scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Wrinkles

This micro-needling provides patients with several benefits, such as reduced scar healing, and requires little to no downtime.

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