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From a Dental Implant patient:

Thank you so much for your wonderful work on me! I am very happy - no more pain and looking like I have lots of money in a bank😅 Dr. Pivovar finished beautifully what you started! First time in my life I do not think about my teeth every day, only if people compliment my smile😍

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Review from Patient

Dr. Quereshy,

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to you and your staff. I suspect that my single tooth extraction is the equivalent of the necessary but not very interesting simple, repetitive task in your industry yet I never felt like that once. With the amount of anxiety I bring to dental and medical procedures that goes a long way.

In my post anesthesia haze I shared some of my observations but I thought it worth a quick note in case you can/have interest in using it to provide recognition.

Talent — I was impressed with each person I met in both my pre-op consultation and on surgery day. Every one of the individuals was professional and knowledgeable yet friendly, approachable and patient from the front desk to the exam room to finance to surgery. Great recruiting and hiring decisions from my perspective.

Operational Excellence — At my initial consult both you and the initial tech were friendly and took the time to explain the process to me including implant options without the hard sell. In addition I was seen on time and was likely only in your office for 15-20 minutes — this gives me the confidence to schedule mid day appointments with your team when I am trying to work around my busy work and EMBA schedule. Surgery day was a great example of the culture of excellence that you’ve built. I checked in, hung my coat and was escorted back to the surgery room after putting on the booties/net. I sat in the chair and was likely anesthetized within 5 minutes. Upon waking I moved to the chair in the common area and got to further observe how the team worked with patients and each other. I saw great teamwork, effectiveness and speed/efficiency through their processes and actions. The whole time I sat there, whomever came through the common area would check on us if not verbally then visually. It was clearly a priority regardless of whose patient was sitting there. I also appreciate that you took the time to check in before I left.

You may recall that I waited 2+ years to exercise the referral and have the tooth removed due to my anxiety. When we were talking through the implant option I chose to have the bone graft done only because it was a necessary first step if I chose to move forward. I wasn’t confident I would return due to the fear that I have. I think I actually said that whether I go through with it was more a factor of my experience and future comfort vs. the cost. I can tell you now that I’ll be back for the next phase later this year.

I have one more short story to share. A peer of mine at work is a nervous patient also and worked with you in 2016. He shared that he had a positive experience back then but the cool story is from Tuesday of this week. As we were collaborating a leave of absence for an executive assistant we both share I mentioned that I would be out today for the surgery. He literally lit up as he smiled and said “I’m so happy your finally going — isn’t Dr Quereshy great?!” Coming from him that emotional display says a lot.

So, once again…. Great job to you and your staff! Your operation excels with a great balance of compassion and operational excellence.
    — Carrie

Visage Surgical Institute

5 out of 5 stars based on 4 reviews.

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I had a cracked tooth that required extraction. the implant process, while involved and more expensive, was the better investment and long-term choice. The implant procedure was similar to getting a cavity filled yet took less than fifteen minutes once the anesthetic kicked in. very happy with the treatment and results.

- scott L

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Great service!

- Alina T

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Very happy with care & expertise.

- Steve W

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Excellent experience!

- Sara H

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