Fact vs. Fiction About Dental Implants

Fiction: All dentists are qualified to perform dental implant surgery.

Fact: Not all dentists performing dental implant surgery have had comprehensive training in surgical implant procedures, nor do all of them have experience managing complications.

It is legal for a licensed dentist to place dental implants, but many of them have insufficient training to prevent, diagnose and treat complications that can occur.

Fiction: A dental implant “super center” is the best option, because these practices perform a greater number of procedures and have more experience.

Fact: Many of the industry leaders are surgical specialists who are in relatively small private practices. They lecture around the world, contribute to scientific literature, and have a great deal of experience. Some doctors involved with a dental implant super center may be very distinguished in the field, but they are not necessarily the most qualified physicians in your community.

Fiction: Treatment with dental implants is all basically the same with each physician, so it’s best to shop for the least expensive option.

Fact: Quality of the implants and other components varies, and so do doctors performing dental implant surgery. Cost is certainly an important factor to consider for many patients, but it’s not wise to compromise on medical devices (implants) or qualifications of your surgeon. The long-term cost of such a procedure could be more when surgical corrections (for replacing poor quality materials or improving aesthetics) are needed years later.

Fiction: Because dental implant super centers do everything under one roof, they are superior to smaller practices.

Fact: Convenience doesn’t outweigh surgical expertise. Patients should choose a surgeon for their credentials and their ability to provide excellent results. Dental implant super centers often exaggerate claims about problems that patients experience in smaller medical practices.

Fiction: The “Teeth-in-a-Day” procedure is highly advanced and less expensive, so it’s best for anyone considering dental implants.

Fact: “Teeth-in-a-Day” can take more than a single day. Although it can be a beneficial procedure, most patients aren’t good candidates for it.

Some advertisements for Teeth-in-a-Day have made misleading claims about traditional dental implants being outdated, expensive or inconvenient. These should be viewed as nothing more than sales strategies that attempt to sell the procedure as a panacea for all patients considering dental implants.

If you are interested in quick or brief dental implant procedures such as the All-on-Four procedure, ask your surgical specialist (such as an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon) about your options.

Fiction: A mini implant procedure can provide comparable results to traditional dental implants. Plus they are non-invasive and more affordable.

Fact: Mini-implants are intended to be a temporary solution, not a final bridge or permanent prosthesis.

You may have seen ads claiming that mini dental implants are simpler and easier than traditional dental implants. But mini implants should really be considered transitional implants that temporarily work to stabilize dentures. The data on their long-term success is limited.

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Dr. Faisal Quereshy is a facial specialist — a surgeon and educator trained in two specialties to treat patients who want or need aesthetic or functional improvements of the face. He is board certified in Facial Cosmetic Surgery, as well as Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

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Dr. Najia Usman is an endodontist specialist, having undergone two additional years of advanced specialty training and education in the diagnosis and treatment of difficult dental cases. Dr. Usman specializes in treating the inside of the teeth, with the focus on the pulp and surrounding tissues. Dr. Usman is a Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics.

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