IntraSpin™: Bone Regeneration and Dental Implant Reconstruction

Visage Surgical Institute proudly uses the IntraSpin™ system, the only FDA cleared medical device for the production of Platelet rich fibrin (PRF), in our bone regeneration and dental implant reconstruction procedures./p>

Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) and How It Works

Platelet rich fibrin (PRF) is a network of platelets and growth factors—created by an IntraSpin™ procedure—that produces rapid healing, especially right after placement. Made from your own blood, PRF is then placed in your surgery site to promote healing.

A Simple Three-Step Protocol

The IntraSpin™ system is comprised of a process in which your doctor:

  1. Collects and spins a sample of your blood.
  2. Removes the fibrin clot.
  3. Processes the created clot in the Xpression® fabrication kit.

Creation of Platelet Rich Fibrin

Your doctor takes a sample of your blood and uses the IntraSpin™ system to separate and concentrate particular cells and active proteins by spinning your own blood in a stable centrifuge. This preparation is quick and almost instantly ready for your procedure.

Promotion of Natural Healing

PRF releases your body’s natural healing proteins when placed in the surgery site, creating an efficient network of cells that speed up the healing process. Dr. Quereshy is able to supplement your PRF clot with different biomaterials tailored to your needs. We use a combination of PRF and bone growth material to promote bone regeneration in those with significant bone loss.

Implant Reconstruction and Bone Regeneration

According to recent studies, when an implant is immersed into a blood clot (created by the IntraSpin™ system), bone will naturally grow to the dental implant despite a lack of bone contact or stability. During the implant healing, a synergetic effect, causing increased bone formation, occurs when PRF is a part of the equation. Growth factors in PRF’s unique fibrin architecture promote the healing process.

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