Regenerative Root Treatments

Dying or necrotic teeth can successfully be treated at the Visage Surgical Institute near Cleveland, Ohio in Medina by Drs. Quereshy and Usman using regenerative root treatments. This surgery works to regenerate the root system by engineering the surrounding tissues and treating the dentin complex, which makes up the tooth beneath the enamel. Ideally, this procedure will prompt root development, reinforcing the walls around the tooth, protecting it from damage or fracture. Previously, necrotic teeth were replaced with an uninfected tooth, but advances in endodontics have made this procedure a reality.

Preparing for Regenerative Root Treatments

Prior to your regenerative root treatment, Dr. Quereshy and Dr. Usman will meet with you in a consultation. At this time, they may take photographs and scans of your mouth, teeth and jaw to determine the proper course of treatment. Leading up to your surgery, you may be asked to maintain a specific oral hygiene regimen. You should be otherwise healthy and a nonsmoker, as this will ensure your surgery and recovery go smoothly.

The Regenerative Root Treatment Process

The regenerative root treatment will be performed in two appointments. During the first stage of your treatment, your doctor will apply an antibiotic paste into the canal. This paste also contains a sterile saline. Your doctor will take care to apply the paste only to the canal as it may turn enamel blue if it touches the chamber walls. Once the paste has been applied, the canal will be covered for a period of several weeks.

For the second part of your treatment, the canal will be re-irrigated, which will likely cause some bleeding. After the blood has clotted, your doctor will place an MTA plug against the clot to seal it. The plug will be small as nearby root structure will be regenerated, given space. A temporary material will be placed to aid in healing, unless your doctor chooses a permanent method of restoration.

Regenerative Root Treatment Results and Recovery

After your regenerative root treatment, you are likely to experience some swelling and discomfort of the mouth. Drs. Quereshy or Usman may prescribe medication to manage pain. You will visit the office for periodic check-ups and after two to four months, your doctor will be able to determine that the area has fully healed. Continued monitoring of root formation will be necessary.

Regenerative Root Treatments in Cleveland, Akron, Medina

We encourage you to contact Visage Surgical Institute in Medina to learn more about the revolutionary regenerative root treatments performed by Drs. Quereshy and Usman to correct necrotic tooth issues.

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