Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Large, disproportionate or protruding ears can all cause a person to feel shy or self-conscious about their appearance. This is especially common among young children who are teased or picked on because of the appearance of their ears. Dr. Quereshy can perform a customized ear pinning surgery (otoplasty) to help bring the ears into harmony with the rest of the face. Ear surgery can resize the ears and/or bring them closer to the sides of the head to achieve the desired outcome.

Preparing for Ear Surgery

Dr. Quereshy will have you start preparing for ear surgery and provide you with aftercare instructions and necessary prescriptions well in advance so you are relaxed and ready the day of your procedure. If you smoke or use other tobacco products, you will be required to quit using them at least six weeks before your ear surgery.

Two weeks before and after surgery, you will be directed to discontinue taking medications and supplements that can thin the blood, such as ibuprofen, aspirin, and vitamin E. Be sure to avoid chemically treating your hair with dye, bleach, perms and relaxers a week before and four weeks after the procedure.

Abstain from alcohol for one week before ear surgery, and do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before. The day of surgery, do not wear makeup, leave-in hair products, jewelry, watches or contact lenses.

Let Dr. Quereshy know if you notice any signs of infection or illness prior to your procedure, as it is imperative you be in good health before undergoing surgery of any kind. Children under 100 lbs. will need to be thoroughly evaluated by their pediatrician prior to undergoing ear surgery.

Ear Pinning and Ear Cosmetic Surgery

While adults may have ear pinning surgery and other cosmetic ear surgery procedures performed under local anesthesia, children may be sedated or placed under general anesthesia to ensure they are not frightened or moving around during surgery.

Ear surgery incisions will be hidden along the natural creases and contours of the ears. During the procedure, Dr. Quereshy will remove or reshape cartilage and reposition ear structures as necessary to provide you with the cosmetic ear surgery results you desire.

Sutures will be used to close incisions and help your ears maintain their new shape and position. To insure symmetry, ear surgery is typically always performed on both ears.

Ear Surgery Recovery and Results

Dressings and bandages placed over the ears immediately following surgery must remain in place for two days. Once dressings are removed, you may shower and wet incision areas. If removable stitches instead of dissolvable stitches are used, these will be removed within 1-2 weeks.

Take pain medication and antibiotics as directed during the ear surgery recovery period to minimize discomfort and prevent infection. Sleep with your head elevated with a headband to keep your ears in place and do not apply pressure to the ears. Cold compresses and ointment may be applied to minimize swelling and ear sensitivity.

Adult ear surgery patients may return to work within a few days, however children who undergo ear surgery may need to be kept out of school for 1-2 weeks to ensure the ear area is not disturbed as it heals. Children should also refrain from strenuous activity and contact sports for six weeks after ear surgery, whereas adults are only restricted from strenuous activity for two weeks.

It is important to protect the ears from trauma or impact for at least six weeks to ensure ear surgery results are not compromised, and incisions should be protected from the sun to avoid scar pigmentation. After six weeks, your final ear surgery results will take shape, and your ears will appear more proportionate and aesthetically pleasing.

The Visage Surgical Institute is located in Medina, Ohio and serves local patients seeking ear surgery, as well as those from the greater Cleveland and Akron metro areas. For more information about ear surgery, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Quereshy, please call Visage Surgical Institute Medina Office Phone Number 330-721-2323.

Service areas include: Medina, Cleveland, Columbus, Akron, Parma, Brunswick, Solon, Fairlawn, Cleveland Heights, Hudson, Wadsworth, Cuyahoga Falls, Strongsville & Kent Ohio.

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