Infection Control

Sterilization Techniques During Covid-19

Infection Control Protocol For Operatory Set Up

(Assuming operatory has already been cleaned and disinfected)

  1. Perform hand hygiene.
  2. Place environmental barriers.
  3. Make sure engineering controls are available or are in place.
  4. Assure good quality treatment water will be available.
  5. Place the patient charts and x-rays in their appropriate place.
  6. Bring up the computer images if using digital x-rays.
  7. Remove all items not used during patient treatment from countertops.
  8. Assure any needed items received from the dental lab have been decontaminated.
  9. Distribute the instrument packages, trays or cassettes, equipment and supplies needed for the appointment.
  10. Seat the patient and give them protective eye glasses and place the napkin.
  11. Open cassettes or spill instrument packages onto a sterile surface without touching the contents.
  12. Put on your mask and then your protective eyewear or face shield.
  13. Wash your hands or use an alcohol hand rub and put on gloves.
  14. Connect high volume evacuator and saliva ejector tips.
  15. At the beginning of each workday, dental unit lines shall be purged with air, or flushed with water for at least two (2) minutes prior to attaching handpieces, scalers and other devices. The dental unit line shall be flushed between each patient for a minimum of twenty (20) seconds.

Infection Control Protocol for Operatory Clean-Up

  1. While still wearing PPE, flush dental unit lines for 20-30 seconds (air/water syringes handpieces and ultrasonic scalers).
  2. Remove and discard any environmental barriers.
  3. Place instruments back in the tray or cassette.
  4. Place all disposable sharps in the sharps container.
  5. Place non-sharp disposable items in a plastic lined waste container
  6. Clean and disinfect all clinical contact surfaces that are not protected by impervious barriers using a Cal-EPA registered, hospital grade low- to intermediate-level disinfectant after each patient. The low-level disinfectants used shall be labeled effective against HBV and HIV. Use disinfectants in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  7. Clean all housekeeping surfaces (e.g. floors, walls, sinks) with a detergent and water or a Cal-EPA registered, hospital grade disinfectant.
  8. Transport instruments and handpieces to the decontamination/sterilization area.
  9. Rinse and disinfect any impressions, prosthetic or orthodontic items before taking them into the in-office lab.
  10. Remove and decontaminate eyewear.
  11. Remove gloves and other protective attire.
  12. Perform hand hygiene.