Traumatic Tooth Treatment

Chipped, cracked, broken or detached teeth can be addressed with traumatic tooth treatment. If you seek treatment immediately following facial trauma that damages one or more teeth, Dr. Usman may be able to save all or part of the damaged or detached tooth, as well as address immediate cosmetic concerns if the tooth cannot be saved. Ohio Endodontist Dr. Najia Usman recommends traumatic tooth treatment to patients with the following concerns:

  • Cracked teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Dislodged teeth
  • Avulsed teeth
  • Root fractures

Preparing for Traumatic Tooth Treatment

It is important that you see a doctor immediately after traumatic tooth injury. Dr. Usman will have you start preparing for your procedure and provide you with aftercare instructions and necessary prescriptions in advance so you are ready to go when the day arrives.

If you smoke or use other tobacco products, you will be required to quit using them before your procedure. You will also be directed to abstain from alcohol for 24 hours before your treatment.

Traumatic Tooth Treatment

Dr. Usman’s treatment of your traumatic tooth injury will depend on the extent of your dental damage. In the case of an avulsed tooth, the doctor may be able to be put the tooth back in the socket and stabilize it with a splint.

The length of time the tooth was out of the mouth and the way it was stored before treatment will influence the type of treatment received. In the case of a cracked tooth, it can be restored with a crown and may require a root canal.

Traumatic Tooth Treatment Recovery

Recovery from traumatic tooth treatment depends on the extent and treatment of your dental damage.

The Visage Surgical Institute is located in Medina, Ohio and serves local patients who have experienced tooth trauma, as well as those from the greater Cleveland, Columbus, Akron, Parma, Brunswick, Solon, Fairlawn, Cleveland Heights, Hudson, Wadsworth, Cuyahoga Falls, Strongsville & Kent metro areas. For more information about traumatic tooth treatment, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Usman, please call Visage Surgical Institute Medina Office Phone Number 330-721-2323.