Jet Peel

Of the many non-surgical treatments for correcting common skin issues like acne and uneven skin tone, the Jet Peel system offered at Visage Surgical Institute’s medical spa near Cleveland in Medina stands apart.

Rather than using light or laser technology as many treatments do, the Jet Peel system uses water and oxygen. When applied with pressure to the skin, these components work to clear pores, resulting in clearer skin, even after just one treatment.

This unique treatment can clear up many common cosmetic skin conditions including:

  • acne and clogged pores
  • uneven skin tone or texture
  • wrinkles and lines
  • pigmentation issues

While Jet Peel treatments are most commonly performed on the face, they may be used to improve other visible areas of the skin like the neck, chest and hands.

Preparing for a Jet Peel

As the Jet Peel is quite gentle on the skin, patients of many ages and skin types can undergo treatment. For this and many other cosmetic treatments and procedures, it is important that you be a nonsmoker. Not smoking improves the overall health and appearance of your skin and will ensure a better result after your Jet Peel treatment is completed.

The Jet Peel Treatment

When you undergo your Jet Peel treatment, very little preparation is necessary. Your skin at the treatment site will be cleansed.

As your treatment begins, the Jet Peel handpiece will be passed over your skin. It will apply pressurized oxygen, water and other key components to the treatment site. This sort of “pressure washing” will remove the layers of unhealthy skin that can build up over time. At this time, the application of the treatment will also improve the circulation of your skin, a key component in healthy, glowing skin. This entire process is short and most treatments are completed in less than half an hour. As an added bonus, no anesthetic is necessary.

Jet Peel Recovery and Results

Since its application is quite gentle on the skin, no recovery time is associated with the Jet Peel treatment. Though your skin may develop some redness with the increased circulation, this is temporary and should dissipate within half an hour following treatment. After leaving the office, you can resume your normal routine.

Though most patients will see results after just one Jet Peel treatment, many choose to maintain and achieve continued results with follow-up treatments. You may wish to devise a treatment plan with Dr. Quereshy to target your specific skin-related concerns. Most follow-up treatments are conducted anywhere from one week to one month after your first Jet Peel treatment.

Jet Peel in Cleveland, Akron, Medina

To learn more about the power of rejuvenating your skin with water and oxygen in a Jet Peel, we encourage you to contact us at the V-Spa, our medical spa in Medina, Ohio. We are eager to share the power of the Jet Peel and other spa services we offer. You can make an appointment by calling Visage Surgical Institute Medina Phone Number 330-721-2323 or join our mailing list to learn about upcoming specials.