As the holiday season approaches with its sleigh-full of social engagements, now is the time to ask yourself – When you smile and flash those pearly whites, is everything as it should be?

It’s just a short couple of months until the holiday season kicks off, with Thanksgiving just the first of many rounds of social engagements – dinners at your family’s house, office parties, dinners at your partner’s family’s house, new Year’s parties, and on and on. And of course you want to look your natural best. You want to be (or at least appear) relaxed, and youthful, and healthy. If your teeth are in good order, your smile can do so much of that work for you.
In any social setting where impressions are important, you want your smile to communicate as much as possible – you want an open, honest smile that says, in essence:
I am happy and attractive! I have a youthful face and strong healthy teeth! Now please stop asking questions and put some more rum in my eggnog.
So if your teeth aren’t currently in good shape – if you have, say, teeth that are decayed, or missing, or have been traumatized via injury – you may want to closely consider the benefits of dental implants.
Similar to how a chin implant can help to properly frame your mouth from below, and cheek augmentation can be used to help frame your smile from above, dental implants can make your smile work from within.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do you smile with confidence?
  2. Are you happy with the overall appearance of your teeth?
  3. When you see someone with a gorgeous smile, do you get jealous?
  4. Are you ever embarrassed to “smile wide”?
  5. Do you avoid going to the dentist due to the condition of your teeth?

If you answered yes to any of these, click the button below to set up a consultation for dental implants with Dr. Quereshy today.