Sometimes it takes two different techniques to produce one great result. Recently, a number of cosmetic surgeons have used a two-part procedure to enhance the appearance of the upper lip. Using Botox to mask fine lines, and dermal fillers to add volume, a cosmetic surgeon can completely overhaul the appearance of the upper lip.
This technique was featured on a recent episode of ABC’s The Doctors. The video can be seen below, but be forewarned – it shows a woman having her lips injected with dermal fillers. Although the woman doesn’t feel any discomfort, the footage may be uncomfortable for some people.

Half of the procedure – the Botox – has already been performed in advance. Since Botox takes 24 to 48 hours to take effect, this allows the television audience to see the results. Now that the fine lines above Mary’s upper lip have been resolved, her surgeon can turn to the other half of the problem. He has volume with dermal fillers along the border of Mary’s lip, where her lip has thinned as a result of the aging process.
One of the benefits of this procedure, says show co-host Dr. Ordon, is that Botox and hyaluronic acid fillers both last roughly 3 – 6 months. As a result, patients can have both halves of the dual procedure refreshed at the same time.
Connoisseurs of lip aesthetics – and they do exist – will notice how Mary’s surgeon deftly avoids the over-plumped look that is stereotypical of Hollywood. Back in April, the ASAPS website had an engaging post about the importance of shape when performing lip augmentation. Too much volume can result in “trout pout” – so-called because puffy lips make you look like a fish. According to one Detroit surgeon quoted in that article, “the lower lip should be one and a half times the size of the upper lip.”