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What Causes Hair Loss in Men?

Male hair loss is a common occurrence. In fact, clinical data shows that the majority of men will experience some degree of hair loss, at some point in their life. What’s important to note is that men’s hair loss can stem from many different factors, yet no matter its cause, there are always some options available for full hair restoration.

Here at Visage Surgical Institute, we proudly offer our clients an advanced hair transplant method called Neograft. This is a safe and effective way to regain a full, healthy, natural-looking head of hair, with minimal recovery time.

Before you embark on the Neograft journey, however, it’s helpful to understand some of the factors that contribute to male hair loss. Here is a brief overview.


The most common component in male hair loss? Simple genetics. The condition known as male pattern hair loss accounts for nine out of every 10 male hair loss cases, and it’s a condition rooted in genetics. If you experience hair loss according to the familiar pattern—thinning at the temples, followed by a receding hair line and a slight bald spot at the crown—then you’re probably up against a genetic predisposition to hair loss.


It’s also worth noting the role that hormones can play a role in male hair loss. The hormones regulate many bodily functions, and that includes the hair growth process. An excess of certain hormones—in particular the testosterone by-product known as DHT—can clog the follicles and prevent proper hair growth.

Nutrition and Sleep

Your lifestyle can also play a role in hair loss. In fact, if you’re unhealthy overall, that can manifest in thinning hair. Make sure you’re getting plenty of nutrients, not just junk food. And, be careful to get a proper amount of sleep each night.


Sometimes, stress can lead to hair loss, as well. High anxiety can lead to such conditions as trichotillomania, which is characterized by the compulsive need to twist or pull hair. This, in turn, scars the follicles, and can lead to permanent hair loss!


A final factor to consider is age. The simple reality is that most men will face some hair loss if they live long enough—and your likelihood of hair loss increases the older you get. Again, though hair loss can seem inevitable, it doesn’t have to be lasting. There are always hair loss solutions available, including some great options available from Visage Surgical Institute!

Hair Loss Solutions from Visage Surgical Institute

To learn more about the options available, we’d first recommend you join us for a consultation, where we can explore some of the potential factors causing your hair loss. From there, we will answer any questions you might have about the procedures we offer, such as Neograft.

Nobody likes losing their hair—but just because you experience hair loss, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for it. Contact Visage Surgical Institute today to learn more about Neograft and other solutions.

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