Erica Seeks a More Feminine Facial Profile

I feel like a don’t have a very feminine profile, says Erica, on this episode of The Doctors. “I’d like to see if there’s anything you can do about it.”
You have a significant accumulation of subcutaneous fat. You also have a significantly weak chin. If we drop a straight line down from the lower lip, we want the chin to hit that line, and you’re significantly behind that line. To make someone more feminine and more elegant, we often perform a chin implant to extend the profile.

“You did a couple things,” says Dr. Andrew Ordon, during the show’s recap. “You smoothed out that neckline, as the first step. To give more fullness and shape, you added that chin [implant] to her profile through that incision, but people have choices when it comes to chin implants, right?

Different Styles of Chin Implant

Men use square implants, while women use softly rounded chin implants. “It’s only been a couple days since my procedure, but it’s really great an I’m just excited to see the final result,” says Erica. “It’s really remarkable, you can see that difference,” says the host about her before-and-after photos.