couples jumping aroundAs more men choose cosmetic procedures, a new phenomenon among the plastic surgery clientele has been on the rise: more couples are appearing together in surgeons’ offices across the country.
America’s recovery from the recession has seen a modest resurgence of cosmetic surgery procedures. While women still make up about 80 percent of plastic surgery patients, the number of men has jumped 88 percent since 1997. The most popular choices among men include procedures like Botox, liposuction, and rhinoplasty.
The Pittsburgh Tribune Review recently told the story of Marsha and Mike Gavula, a couple from Evans City, PA, who do just about everything together. Recently, the 50-year-olds both stepped into a plastic surgeon’s office.
Marsha has undergone chemical peels, dermabrasion, and other minimally invasive procedures, while Mike opted for Botox and wrinkle-filling injections for the first time on his fiftieth birthday.
One medical spa with three offices in the Pittsburgh area reports that it offers cosmetic procedures for nearly 30 couples annually, compared with a half-dozen couples in the mid-2000s.
What could be driving this increase in couples’ procedures?

  • Cosmetic surgery no longer carries a stigma among men, particularly as the baby boomer generation ages.
  • More non-invasive options for those who don’t want a surgical procedure
  • Men desire a more youthful appearance in order to compete in a younger workplace. .
  • Reduced recovery times for many procedures, thanks to cutting-edge techniques
  • Couples having surgery around the same time can “leapfrog” their procedures, alternating care and recovery.