Tis’ the season for a spring makeover and a confidence boost! Whether you’re in your 20’s, 30’s, or a 40-something (and beyond) it’s time to reveal a new and improved you!
As we age, our lips lose their fullness and vigor and our lashes become thin and sparse.

Long Lashes

Most women long for lush lashes, and will go to great lengths to get them. The eyes are generally the first feature people notice when they meet you and your lashes are no exception. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba flaunt their full, lush lashes which exude youthfulness. What is their secret to getting gorgeous lashes? Latisse!
Latisse is the first and only FDA-approved prescription treatment for fuller, thicker, and longer eyelashes. Latisse is applied nightly and works gradually to produce desired results in just 16 weeks!

Lush Lips

Unless you’re Angelina Jolie—beautiful, sexy lips typically do not come naturally. But thanks to injectable fillers like Belotero and lip implants, we can look make them look as if they’re ‘au natural.’
If you’re looking for a subtle lip enhancement, Belotero dermal filler is the perfect fit! Belotero helps plump the lip tissue and provide a natural looking enhancement. The average person only needs one syringe to achieve their desired look. The treatment is a simple, 15-minute symmetrical injection into the lips after preparation with a local anesthetic so there is no discomfort. Lip injections typically last 4-6 months.
For the month of June, receive a three month supply of Latisse (2 kits) and receive 1 Syringe of Belotero for ONLY $550! A savings of 25% off retail pricing.*

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