There has recently been an increasing number of men seeking out plastic surgery to help achieve a more youthful appearance. Last year men underwent nearly one million cosmetic procedures, an increase of 106% from 1997.
In 2012, the five most common cosmetic procedures for men were rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, liposuction, breast reduction and facelifts. Why all the sudden changes? Well, there are a few reasons.

The way our culture views men is changing

Men are beginning to care more about the way that they look. American society is going from the days of the scruffy cowboys and bearded mountain men to the modern, clean-shaven and well-dressed businessmen. Rather than the rough ‘n’ tough John Waynes of the past, men are now being more influenced by the well-groomed Ryan Goslings of today’s youth-driven America.

It’s just good business

As society continues to be more influenced by the youth, so is American business. The CEOs are getting younger and younger and youth has become more important than ever. Just take Facebook’s 29 year old CEO Mark Zuckerberg. There are many others like him. The arena has changed, and men are beginning to seek out plastic surgery as a means to compete in an economy where youth is a growing factor.

Cosmetic surgery is more socially accepted for men

In 2011, a survey found that 49 percent of men approve of cosmetic surgery. Men are no longer as embarrassed to go under the knife for a younger appearance. Having sports super stars like Wes Welker coming out confidently about their procedures can also surely help a man’s ego.