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February Lip Filler Special

Lip Obsession and why the fascination?!

All of us want something we don’t have, straight haired girls want curly hair, thin to thick and vice versa…. you get where I’m going with this. It’s a struggle and we are hardest on ourselves are we not? We live in a world where esthetics are on the rise making it easier to enhance what we want changed. There  is so much information about treatments, procedures and skincare at your fingertips! All you have to do is ask yourself, what do I want for myself, where do I go, and who can I trust to help me?!  Luckily Dr. Quereshy and I are here  to help!

With romance in the air  in February, our promotion is all about Perfecting your Pout. Are you lip obsessed? Are you constantly comparing your pucker with celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Kylie Jenner or any other celebrity with a perfect pout.  You may wonder about all the ways  to get that look.

 Have you ever wanted to improve the shape, structure or volume of your lips? When it comes to perfecting your pout, do you know all your options from temporary to permanent? In our office alone, we have Lip Flips, implants, fat grafting/ fat transfer and the most popular non surgical option…… is injectable LIP FILLERS!! If you want to “dip your toe in the pool” and make just a temporary changes that can be slightly discernible to more dramatic, the best place to start is with a semi-permanent filler like one from the Juvederm family!  Our lip fillers are done very artistically by Dr. Quereshy MD, FACS exclusively.  Lip fillers have become so normalized in the past few years it’s almost like going for highlights in your hair or a mani-pedi every couple months! Lasting about 6 months to a year, hyaluronic acid filler is a sugar derivative naturally found in our bodies making it super safe as an injectable. Each filler has a different density of hyaluronic acid gel which decides the fullness or volume it will hold.

The best part of this month’s promotion is that we’re adding on a full size of  ZO SkinHealth Growth Factor Serum  for FREE with any Juvederm Lip Injectable!  Growth Factor Serum or “the Juice” as I like to call it, is formulated with a combination of plant and enzymatically derived growth factors….reducing fine lines and wrinkles, improving overall skin health, firmness and elasticity and  restoring hydration and strength to skin’s protective barrier!  It might sound straight from the brochure but it’s true and one of the most utilized products by ZO SkinHealth!! 

This promotion alone can help you restore a full, healthier look not just to your lips but to your skin as well!  With certain package purchases you can also receive a complimentary ZO Signature facial!

**Call for details at (330)721-2323

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