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Getting the Best Out of Your Eyes

Brows are to the eyes what a frame is to a painting. Eyebrows direct a defining focus to the eyes. They are the key element in communication because they convey attitude and feeling. In essence, eyebrows reflect our signs of beauty, age, and indication of emotion.
Your eyes are the one major area where you cannot hide the effects of aging. You may feel perfectly rested and content, and still be told that you look tired or worried. This can be the result of deep furrows or sagging eyebrows, producing a look that not only misrepresents how you feel, but also making you look tired, old, sad or angry. Whether to reclaim a more youthful appearance or to look as good as you feel, there are options such as the “liquid lift” involving Botox or a surgical brow lift. Botox is an injectable treatment used to improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines between and around the eyes. Administered in the right area of the forehead, Botox can also help to lift the arch of the brow if naturally or after shaping the lift is not achieved. Results are visible but will not radically change your facial appearance to make you look as if you’ve “had work done.” The results of Botox typically last up to four months. A surgical brow lift is a more permanent approach, but with safe and dramatic results. Several variations of this procedure exist and Dr. Quereshy can decide which technique is best for you depending on your features and the desired result.
With all that we can do you still need to do your part at home. A healthy skin achieved by a good diet and proper skin care will slow the aging process. Applying potent growth factors topically on the forehead and around the eyes will help to regenerate healthy, new collagen and elastin cells. The TNS Essential growth factor serum from Skin Medica, not only has the most effective blend of growth factors, it also has an aps corrective complex involving hyaluronic acid filling spheres that immediately fill in and plump fine lines and wrinkles. This serum will help to prolong the results of any cosmetic treatment as well as maintain a beautiful, healthy skin.
When it comes to the actual eyebrow itself, the trend is constantly changing. No matter what the fad there are three basic elements to consider: balance and symmetry, design and shape, and color and maintenance. The face and its features are never naturally balanced symmetrically. To achieve a beautiful brow, it is important to bring all the facial features into balance with each other in order to produce a proportioned look. As we age they tend to thin out and also lighten in color. The color of the brow helps to enhance the appearance. The color of the eyebrows can be achieved by using a brow shade that is similar to the color of the hair on your head or if too light then taking it a shade darker. At our V-Spa we can help you to achieve all around bright, youthful, defined eyes. Our new brow boutique is designed to steer you in the right direction whether the need to consult with Dr.Quereshy about our “liquid lift” or surgical lift, or a brow shaping and shading. Our goal is to give you the best desired result and also teach you how to maintain the look at home. Come see us for a consultation so we can help you get the best out of your eyes.

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