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Hair removal- Is your skin ready for summer?

Historically, hair removal has been a common ritual among people. Throughout the centuries, a plethora of tools, concoctions, methods and mixtures-some even toxic-have been used to remove unwanted hair. Fashion has also been a determining factor in the desire to remove hair from specific areas. The more clothing trends reveal more skin, removing hair from those exposed areas becomes a necessity. Men have also become more concerned with unwanted hair for either aesthetic purposes or due to certain sports.
However, even with improved procedures and tools, two issues still exist: pain and the trauma caused to the skin by either the heat, friction or both associated with most types of hair removal. Because of these factors, the science and technology of removing unwanted hair has progressed in the esthetic industry with no signs of slowing down.  As an Aesthetician, it is my job to educate my patients about the best skin care methods to achieve the desired results and to avoid potential complications from hair removal treatments.  The best method of hair removal should be based on the patient’s skin type and any other conditions that may be present in the area being treated.
The many methods of hair removal involve Depilatory creams, Threading, Waxing, Electrolosis and Laser Hair Removal.  When it comes to Depilatory creams, Nair and similar products are quite affordable and still very much available. Although, there is great potential for skin irritation from the ingredients used to trigger the chemical reaction that breaks down the hair making it weak enough to wipe away. Due to the potential for irritation caused by these types of products, people with sensitive skin may not tolerate them well. The Threading method involves grabbing hairs by rolling a twisted thread over the skin. This is probably not the best type of hair removal for larger areas or for people with compromised skin conditions.  Waxing is a beneficial type of hair removal for small and large areas of the body. It is quick, but can be relatively painful, depending on the density of the hair and the area being treated. Because of the heat and pulling of the wax from the skin, this may not be the best type of treatment for sensitive skin, especially people with rosacea. There is an increased risk of removing or burning the skin in some cases. Two of the more popular and widely used methods are electrolosis and laser hair removal. Both are tried-and-true methods for hair removal in all body areas; however, it can be expensive, very painful, not completely permanent and time-consuming.
What I believe to be a great method of hair removal is the Nufree Finipil system. Clinical tests prove Nufree is the only antibacterial, antimicrobial hair removal system in the world- it actually kills germs. Nufree is not a wax, it is actually a soy based formulas, so you won’t experience the pain of a typical wax service. Finipil, the post treatment lotion, is proven to slow hair re-growth, giving you more time between treatments. You can swim or even apply makeup immediately after a Nufree finipil treatment. Nufree is completely safe for face and body hair removal and only heats to body temperature, so there is no way to burn the skin.
During the month of June, purchase a 3-month unlimited hair removal package for bikini, underarms, and half legs for $400 and get Obagi Sun Shield for FREE! This special applies to June, July and August. This is the perfect summer package. Get rid of that unwanted hair and protect that beautiful skin with a medical grade sunscreen which protects not only the surface, but also the cells and DNA of the skin for the best anti-aging benefit.


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