brow lift blepharoplastyEyebrow drooping, deep frown lines, a sagging forehead, and forehead lines are all common signs of aging.
Fortunately, a good surgeon can correct those pesky brow lines and sagging skin, helping you look youthful and refreshed. Sometimes, a simple office procedure can do the trick, while other times a brow lift or blepharoplasty is recommended.

Brow Lift or Botox®?

Many people know that brow lines can easily be treated using Botox Cosmetic or Dysport, two injectable neurotoxins that temporarily paralyze tiny muscles that raise the forehead.
Treatment of the “angry 11s” in the central forehead area is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures today. But because Botox gets temporary results, the cost can add up for patients who want to continue looking young. In these cases, a brow lift is one alternative that can provide results that last longer and, over time, cost less.
Through small incisions behind the hairline, the doctor elevates the forehead tissue and then disrupts the muscles that cause frown lines to appear (the muscles that are so often treated with Botox). Meanwhile, the sagging forehead tissues can be elevated.

Brow Lift or Blepharoplasty?

If a sagging brow is encroaching on your upper eyelids, a brow lift can help. However, if you have loose skin on the upper eyelids, a blepharoplasty procedure (or upper eye lift) is more appropriate. Through tiny incisions, the surgeon removes redundant skin to open up the eyes, which can often improve a patient’s vision at the same time.
A brow lift, Botox, and blepharoplasty can all be used in conjunction to achieve a great cosmetic outcome. A personal consultation is the best way to determine which procedure, or combination of procedures, is ideal in your case.
Photo by Hello Turkey Toe on Flickr