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Introducing CoolSculpting to V-Spa

This fall at V-Spa, the weather isn’t the only thing getting a little cooler. The country’s favorite fat reduction treatment CoolSculpting® is getting a makeover this year, which will make slipping into your favorite fall outfits even easier. Our team at Visage Surgical Institute in Cleveland is proud to announce that we’ve updated our CoolSculpting technology to create an even smoother process and impressive results.  

What Is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a completely non-invasive fat reduction treatment that literally freezes the fat away. Yes, you heard us! The scientifically proven cryolipolysis process does so by destroying fat cells under the skin by exposing it to freezing temperatures.

It does no harm to the skin or surrounding tissues, and once these fat cells have successfully been destroyed, your body will naturally remove them on its own. Our patients love CoolSculpting because it doesn’t require any surgery. And now that already very successful fat reduction treatment has improve with new advanced CoolSculpting technology.  

The New and Improved CoolSculpting At V-Spa

As a practice constantly focused on excellent client outcomes and care-free treatment processes, we have recently updated our CoolSculpting technology to bring even greater results. The benefits of new and improved CoolSculpting offered at V-Spa include:

  • Shorter Treatment Times: CoolSculpting already set the bar high for noninvasive procedures by allowing doctors to eliminate fat without any surgery. Now with advanced CoolSculpting technology at V-Spa, we are able to offer even shorter treatment times. This means that you can be back to your regular routine quicker.
  • Better Patient Outcomes: One of the most important reasons why we’ve updated our technology was to bring even more improved fat reduction results! Confidence-boosting, brag-worthy results are one of our favorite benefits of CoolSculpting.
  • Improved Comfort: There’s no doubt that in the world of fat freezing, there is some minor discomfort to be expected. We want all of our clients to feel comfortable and confident throughout, which is why we have acquired advanced technology for even more comfort during the process so choosing CoolSculpting is an easy decision for all of our patients.
  • Earn Points As Part Of Brilliant Distinctions®: Brilliant Distinctions members are able to take advantage of earning points for CoolSculpting treatments. This means that you are able to effectively slim your figure at the same time as being rewarding for receiving these treatments.

Begin Your CoolSculpting Journey Today

At Visage Surgical Institute’s V-Spa, Dr. Quereshy and our team take time to personalize each and every CoolSculpting treatment plan to our specific patients’ goals. Every detail from the targeted area to the number of CoolSculpting sessions recommended will be taken in consideration to help you achieve beautifully, slimming results.

The Visage Surgical Institute values their customers’ V-Spa treatment experiences, and most importantly, their satisfaction. Choosing CoolSculpting in Medina, Ohio and the greater Cleveland area has never been an easier choice. Quicker treatment times, better results, increased comfort, and you can benefit from your Brilliant Distinctions rewards. If you are interested in CoolSculpting at the Visage Surgical Institute, please schedule your initial consultation with our knowledgeable team today.   



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