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Keep Your Face Safe: One Accident Is Too Many

Facial Protection Month

April is National Facial Protection Month

It is National Facial Protection Month. Yes, there is an entire month devoted to raising awareness about keeping your face protected. This is specifically for children and adults participating in athletics.

While it may seem like a pretty obvious concept to keep your face protected, the fact of the matter is many people will often leave behind their protective gear—be it a mouth guard or helmet—because they don’t feel like it is the cool thing to wear. However, all it takes is one accident to permanently damage your face or teeth. Then you have a lifelong injury to deal with… and that is a lot less “cool” than wearing protective gear in the first place!

Avoid Facial Trauma—Wear Your Gear

We often have patients coming in—even young children, who have experienced some form of facial trauma because they weren’t wearing the right facial protection while participating in athletic activities. Many times, it is a situation in which a young boy or girl refused to wear his or her mouth guard and was hit in the mouth while playing a sport like football or soccer.
Older teenagers or adults will many times ride a bike, skateboard or longboard without wearing a helmet simply because they don’t think it’s cool. However, wearing your helmet can not only help to prevent injuries like abroken nose or chipped teeth, it can also be the difference between getting back up a little bit shaken and not getting up at all.
Specializing in oral and maxillofacial surgery, we have seen many cases in which an injury could have been minimized or avoided altogether by using the proper facial protection. We encourage you to always wear the right facial protection. It will keep you safe and will also help set a good example for your children. If you have children or care for them, it is important that you also consistently insist on them wearing proper gear to protect their faces. Forgetting just once can have lasting consequences!

Treatments for Facial Injury in Cleveland, Ohio

If you or a loved one has experienced a facial injury, such as broken bones or cartilage, missing or chipped teeth, or even facial scarring, our team of experienced oral and facial surgeons at the Visage Surgical Institute can help improve your appearance. Click the button below and give us a call to schedule your own private consultation.

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