Latisse is an FDA-approved cosmetic treatment for inadequate eyelashes. Among beauty enthusiasts, it has received rave reviews, with an 85% approval rating on the popular cosmetic website RealSelf. Many Latisse users have developed their own techniques to carefully conserve every last drop of the medicine, which is applied at home using a special applicator. Recently, a RealSelf blogger highlighted some of these techniques.
Using only one Latisse drop by putting the draop in the cap. Eva, one of the site’s users, says “I put one drop in the cap, and dip the brush in the cap. This way, I can do both eyelids with one drop and one brush.”
Conserving brushes by using the same brush for two consecutive days. Latisse comes pre-packaged with 60 applicator brushes, which many people have found to be too few. A New Jersey plastic surgeon suggests that patients use one brush for two days straight – rinse the brush with water after the first use, and leave it to air dry.
Using a different brush, or modifying the Latisse brush. Many of the site’s users expressed dissatisfaction with the applicators that are provided with Latisse, and opt to use different brushes or modify the packaged brushes. Beauty bloggers Beauty in the Bag recommend skinny eyeliner brushes, which they say are better-designed than the brushes provided by Latisse, and can reduce irritation. Some doctors recommend to their patients that they cut the Latisse brush in half, in order to apply the product more efficiently.
Using less by applying only how much you need. Some RealSelf users argue that the full dose is more than enough for most people.
Needless to say, you should discuss these techniques with your plastic surgeon before trying them out. Otherwise, you run the risk of wasting your Latisse, or even causing eye damage.