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How the Stem Cell Facelift Can Rejuvenate Your Look

Stem Cell Facelift Ohio
If you have considered facial surgery to rejuvenate your look, but aren’t quite ready to go under the knife, talk to us about the benefits of a stem cell facelift. The stem cell facelift is an innovative technique that can restore your youthful look without incisions. The stem cell facelift has received a lot of media attention after celebrities including Kim Kardashian have had this procedure with promising results. The goal of the treatment is to trigger regeneration of the cells to create a very natural-looking appearance.

How the Stem Cell Facelift in Ohio is Performed

The stem cell facelift procedure involves using the patient’s own blood cells that are transplanted into the face and easily assimilated by the facial tissues. Dr. Quereshy will begin by drawing the blood from your arm. He will then separate the blood platelets from the red blood cells and then blend the platelets with a fibrin mixture. This mixture of platelets and fibrin is then injected at the targeted location, much like any other filler treatment, such as Juvéderm—only this time, the filler is completely natural to you. Patients undergoing this procedure will not only see an improvement in lines and wrinkles, but will also notice a significant improvement in the texture and quality of their skin.

What to Expect with the Stem Cell Facelift

The mixture of platelets and fibrin is injected into certain facial compartments and then the skin is resurfaced with a chemical resurfacing technique to remove any skin damage and to stimulate the underlying stem cells. As the skin starts to heal and renew itself, you will see a marked improvement in the quality and tone of your skin. The procedure also increases facial volume, which can help to freshen up your look and create a tighter and toned appearance.
The stem cell facelift in Ohio can be an attractive alternative to surgery for patients that only need a mild lift and do not want to go under the knife just yet. If you think you may be a good candidate for the stem cell facelift, schedule your consultation with Dr. Quereshy today.

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