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Peel. Purge. Purify.

Why now is the right time for a Peel!!  

Ahhh, it’s my favorite time of the year! The Season of PEELS in the esthetic industry, which if you’re a guest of mine here at the 

V-Spa you are very aware!!

I can not boast enough that transitioning our skin in the Fall months by a Simple Peel can be beneficial and give you the best skin rejuvenation in only 15-30mins time!! Whether it be a ” no down time/lunch peel” or a ” hide your face, Sex and the City- Samantha peel” the results can be life changing!! 

Let’s face facts…. Summer is no longer upon us (sad face), We are beginning to lose that summer glow we adore and we are left with a dullness! It’s true it happens to all of us….. That’s where the V-Spa at Visage comes in! We’ve created an October Promotion different from one’s in the past because clearly there is nothing normal about 2020!!

We’ve paired our #1 Signature HydraFacial Treatment with a customized package of peels depending on skin tolerance and the condition your skin is in! 

What do we want to treat? Is your main concern fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation from sun damage…. or maybe acne scarring, large pores and textural issues?!   You may just want skin rejuvenation for all over brighter tighter skin to get that summer glow back. By starting with the HydraFacial, it gives us the chance to introduce a lightweight peel- meaning no downtime, while purging your pores of any congestion caused by a build up of dead skin cells, comedones (white/blackheads), and oil/dirt/debris while causing a mild exfoliation… umm, sign me up!! Your Signature HydraFacial Treatment will create the perfect canvas of healthier skin to prepare for the peels to follow! 

Using all medical grade peels from SkinMedica and ZO SkinHealth, we can assure you achieve results you want in a time frame that suits you and your lifestyle!

Now here is when the consult is important! Knowing which peels are necessary to benefit your skin is my business, literally!! So make sure to schedule a complimentary consult with yours truly so we can get started on helping you Fall into Beautiful Skin!!

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