3 Reasons Why Wisdom Teeth Removal May Be Right for You
Many adults who still have their wisdom teeth in may wonder why they need to undergo a wisdom teeth removal procedure when they are not experiencing any pain. If your wisdom teeth have not grown in properly or you have some crowding of the teeth, Dr. Quereshy may recommend a wisdom tooth removal procedure. Having these teeth removed can improve the overall health of your mouth and also reduces the risk of infection and other oral health issues.
Here are three reasons why this wisdom tooth extractions might be right for you:
#1: Reduces risk of gum disease and jawbone loss. If you have a history of gum disease or are at a high risk for developing periodontal disease, your wisdom teeth may become infected or decayed. Gum disease can cause gum tissue inflammation, which leads to receding gums and jawbone loss. Having your wisdom teeth removed could reduce the risk of gum disease and prevent bone loss.
#2: Reduces chance of complications with age. Impacted wisdom teeth and decaying teeth in the back of the mouth can cause several oral health issues throughout your lifetime. It can be difficult to keep the teeth in the back of the mouth clean and free of infection. Having wisdom teeth removed can prevent inflammation and infection of surrounding teeth and gum tissue. Since you don’t really need your wisdom teeth, removing them will not affect your bite or have an impact on chewing and speaking abilities. As you get older, the risk of wisdom teeth-related problems increases, so having them removed can lower your risk of developing serious oral health problems that require oral and maxillofacial surgery.
#3: Prevent crowding of the teeth. Simply having too many teeth can cause misalignment and other functional problems. Having your wisdom teeth removed can prevent teeth crowding as you get older and improve overall functioning of the mouth and jaw. Even if your wisdom teeth aren’t causing pain, they may contribute to oral health and functional problems. If you want to maintain optimal oral health for life, consider having your wisdom teeth removed as soon as possible.
If you have questions about tooth extraction, schedule your wisdom teeth removal consultation with Dr. Quereshy today!