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Peel, Treat, Protect and Repeat

The lazy days of summer are about over as we fade into fall and spend less time in the sun. Now is the time for corrective, rejuvenating treatments. Male, female, young and old, people consistently tend to overexpose themselves to the sun—leading to inflammation, sun spots, wrinkles, fine lines and further damage. Our V-Spa August special Peel, Treat, Protect and Repeat will get you on the road to healthy skin!
Why are facials important?
A facial is primarily about improving the look, feel and health of your skin. Routine Facial treatments help improve and restore circulation to the skin layers increasing the flow of oxygen. This flow of oxygen gives your skin a healthy glow and plumps skin cells with vital nutrients and water which reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dry skin for a more youthful, healthy appearance. A professional facial gives you the opportunity to work with a skin care specialist who will analyze your skin, listen to your concerns and show you how to properly care for your skin based on your needs and skin type.
The Jet Peel Facial:
The Jet Peel treatment combines oxygen and sterile saline to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and promote circulation to the skin. This combination is delivered much like a mini pressure wash for the skin. The treatment is painless and feels cool and soothing. The Jet Peel treatment is very effective in improving skin texture, wrinkle reduction, removing blackheads and other comedones without any discomfort and allows for better product penetration. Your skin will look vibrant, smooth and younger.
Both the Rejuvenating Facial and Jet Peel treatment provide exfoliation. Exfoliation is an essential factor in skin health because it stimulates the skin and cell turnover, lifts dead cells and begins the regenerating process while promoting better product penetration to reveal healthy looking skin.
Skin Medica Physical Defense Sunscreen:
Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, Physical Defense is an ultra sheer, broad spectrum sunscreen in an elegant 100% mineral formulation. The oil free texture is light enough to wear under makeup and the formula is hypoallergenic, fragrance free, paba free and non-comedogenic.
During the month of August, receive a Before and After Emage Skin Analysis, 2 Rejuvenating Facials, 2 Jet Peels and our most popular sunscreen, Skin Medica Physical Defense for $450.00.

Blog by guest esthetician Angela Ina

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