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Dysport More Effective Than Botox in Crow’s Feet Study

Dysport for crow’s feetDysport may be more effective at treating crow’s feet than Botox, according to a new study.
Researchers at the Maas Clinic in San Francisco treated 90 patients’ crow’s feet with Botox on one side of the face and Dysport on the other. Patients were seen two, four and six days after injections. Patients and doctors rated Dysport as more effective at reducing crow’s feet, when patients were smiling.
Researchers concluded that Dysport had a trend toward greater improvements at day two compared to Botox and “statistically significant greater improvement at days four and six.”
However, it should be noted that both showed statistically significant changes two days after injection.
ABC News spoke with doctors about the results of the study. Physicians agreed that both Botox and Dysport have positive results, and that the skill and experience of the doctor administering the injection is more important than which botulinum toxin is used.

Botox Maker Questions Study

Allergan, maker of Botox, responded to the study by saying that is was funded by Dysport’s maker Medicis. A spokesperson for Allergan, Kellie Lao, pointed out that the study, published in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery, only reported data out to 30 days after the injections, so “the long-term comparative efficacy is unknown.”
Medicis spokesperson Kara Stancell wrote Cosmetic Surgery Times, “These findings resulted from an independent, physician-initiated study that was funded by a grant from Medicis, but not designed or conducted by Medicis. The study investigators are well-regarded, and the study speaks for itself.”
Dr. Corey Maas, lead author of the study, said, “It’s good for us to know that we have good, quality options out there for patients. When we have choices and there is good competition, it helps both the doctor and the patient.”
Visage Surgical Institute in Medina, Ohio, offers both Botox and Dysport. Dr. Quereshy will help you determine which botulinum toxin is right for you.


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