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Hair Loss Affects Women Too

Because hair loss is often thought to be exclusive to men, it has become one of the lesser-known beauty challenges women face. In reality, women account for forty percent of those struggling with hair loss, and about one half of women will notice significantly thinner hair by the time they turn 50.

Why Do Women Experience Hair Loss?

While women and men lose hair for some of the same reasons, such as age and genetics, there are some factors that are more likely to impact women. Crash dieting and extreme weight fluctuation, both of which women are more prone to, can affect hair growth, as can a thyroid imbalance. Most substantially, however, women are susceptible to the impact of hormonal fluctuation. Anything that alters a woman’s hormones can lead to hair loss, including birth control, pregnancy, and menopause.

Why Does Hair Loss Matter?

While some men are able to embrace their baldness, women are not so lucky. Although women rarely experience complete baldness, thin, sparse hair is none-the-less rarely considered aesthetically pleasing on a woman. A dramatic change in the fullness of her hair can be detrimental to a woman’s self-esteem and can often have far-reaching implications. Whether it is because they are uncomfortable, think that their case is out of the ordinary, or have given up hope, many women do not seek out treatment.

How Can NeoGraft with Dr. Quereshy Help with Hair Loss?

Fortunately, hair loss can be effectively treated—now more than ever. With the introduction of NeoGraft at Visage Surgical Institute, a thick head of hair is possible. Through an advanced transplantation process, NeoGraft takes individual hair follicles from a more plentiful area and places them where you have experienced thinning. For women, this is often at the crown of their head and along their natural part.

NeoGraft results are long-lasting! Your hair will continue to grow and act like your own natural hair. Women are able to cut, color, and style their hair as they already do.

More than a full head of hair, Dr. Quereshy is excited to help women regain their self-confidence. There is hope if you have thinning hair! Schedule a consultation at Visage Surgical Institute if you want a thick, lustrous head of hair.

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