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What You Need to Know About Allofill™

Quereshy, Allofill - ImageFat is making a comeback! At least when it comes to facial rejuvenation, that is. In the last year, fat injections to the face saw a 13 percent increase over the past year. This makes our team at Visage Surgical Institute especially excited to announce that we now offer Allofill! A new type of injectable, Allofill uses donated fat cells to restore facial fullness and definition.

One Minimally Invasive Treatment

The first of its kind, Allofill is a new, non-surgical alternative to conventional fat grafting. Whereas fat grafting requires that a patient undergoes liposuction to harvest the needed fat cells, Allofill takes advantage of donor fat instead. In comparison to Allofill, surgical fat transfer involves multiple procedures (harvesting and re-injection), can be costlier, and requires a lengthier recovery period.

Rejuvenation for All

Fat loss is a natural part of aging. Men and women alike find that over the years, their face can lose its youthful fullness. The areas around the temples, eyes, and cheeks are the most affected. By restoring volume to facial depressions, Allofill lifts and adds younger-looking contours to patients of all age. Allofill is a great choice for:

  • Men and women who would rather not undergo a surgical operation
  • Individuals who do not have the time to undergo multiple procedures
  • Patients who do not have the excess fat needed for traditional fat grafting

Beautiful, Long-Lasting Results

Allofill mimics your body’s own fat cells to treat areas of volume loss and creates a softer, younger-looking you. When injected, Allofill stimulates cell growth while also encouraging fat migration over time. You will see improvement immediately and continue to see results over the next three or so months as your fat cells continue to grow. This means that you will enjoy the benefits of Allofill far longer than most injectable fillers. Studies have shown that when injected properly, Allofill can last upwards of several years.

Dr. Quereshy couldn’t be happier to now perform Allofill at his Cleveland practice. Be on the forefront of facial rejuvenation by scheduling your Allofill consultation today!


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