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Social Media's influence on our looks
Recent studies have made an interesting connection between social media and cosmetic surgery. Here is why social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are quickly changing the way many Americans are going about their looks.

The Social Media Face Lift

If you have a Facebook account, the chances are that you have probably at some point in time been tagged in a photo that was less-than-flattering. With these new photo-sharing and tagging features that have gained popularity with these social media platforms, the chances of a photo popping up of any given citizen are higher than ever. This increased presence of many social media users has sparked a new awareness of the way that we all look.
According to a recent survey by the American Academy of Facial Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), there has been a 31% increase in patient requests for cosmetic surgery as a result of this social media photo-sharing. Cosmetic facial procedures like the face lift or non-surgical injectables like Botox are being sought out in order to achieve a younger appearance in these photos.
It is common for celebrities to pop up in some candid paparazzi shot posted on the internet which is why they are constantly aware of their appearance and why they often look good in their photos even just walking down the street in a t-shirt and shorts. Celebrities will often undergo cosmetic surgery as a means to maintain their youth and appearance. Social media has essentially put all of us under this same attention. Everyone with a smartphone is constantly snapping pictures and uploading them to Facebook or Instagram.
In fact, many users are even gaining fame off of these social media platforms, especially on the photography-based app Instagram and the video-based app Vine. Ordinary people are becoming social media celebrities on these platforms and we are giving them the same attention to appearances as we give to actors and actresses in television and movies.
Essentially, as a society, we are allowing ourselves to be put into the spotlight far more often than ever before because of social media. Television and Movie stars are no longer the only ones being placed into public view any longer, and it is because of this increased presence that many people have been seeking out cosmetic procedures.
Remember, it is always important to consult with a trained cosmetic surgeon before pursuing cosmetic surgery of any kind. If you have been curious about a certain cosmetic procedure, find out more below.

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