makeup wakeupPatients who have undergone a facelift or brow lift are often ecstatic about the results, but may not know makeup techniques to help showcase their younger appearance. The authors of Makeup Wakeup: Revitalizing Your Look at Any Age, are determined to help these women, among others.
With Makeup Wakeup, written by Lois Joy Johnson and Sandy Linter, the authors say their goal was to “write a beauty guide we’d read ourselves, one that solved the kinds of issues women face every day.”
Makeup Wakeup, which is targeted at women over 40 aims to provide tips and tricks to combat common signs of aging. Additionally, the authors consulted with surgeons about combining makeup with both cosmetic surgeries and non-surgical treatments.
The authors have a strong pedigree—Johnson was a co-founding editor of More magazine and Linter is a makeup artist for many celebrities.
The book’s release party, which was held last month was attended by several noted celebrities, including Blondie singer Debbie Harry, who is featured in the book. The foreword was written by Better Midler.
Industry experts and professionals are taking note of Makeup Wakeup. A review on said the book is “full of sharp advice” and pointed out the unique makeup buying tips it features.
Makeup Wakeup is available nationwide and is published by Running Press.