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Winter skin wake up!

Winter Skin Wake Up!

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you; your skin can become duller-looking in the winter months; the exposure to indoor heaters and blustery winds can make skin drier and duller. These elemental conditions can also exasperate skin sensitivity, redness and flaking. Save your skin from the cold, dry winter weather with our advanced rejuvenation treatments using PRP, Microneedling, ZO controlled depth peel and Co2 laser resurfacing.

PRP, what is it? PRP is the end product of your own blood, which is drawn from a vein and then concentrated with the use of a specially designed centrifuge. PRP contains highly concentrated amounts of natural growth factors and other cytokines that promote the regeneration process of soft tissues.

  • PRP Facelift: PRP is injected and combined with the use of hyaluronic acid filler such as Juvederm. Juvederm is injected first into the areas of the deepest lines and greatest need. After injection and over the next several days, injected platelets release growth factors which stimulate collagen production, blood vessel growth and tissue regeneration .The facial appearance after the treatment is very mild. Any swelling or redness is minimal and very temporary.
  • Microneedling with PRP: Also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, or the Vampire Facial, is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatment with quick recovery time. Our micro-needling tool will create micro wounds in the skin. PRP, that we draw just prior to the treatment, will be applied prior to and after the procedure. Unbelievable results and nearly no downtime make this the perfect procedure to wake up your winter skin.
  • ZO Skin Health Controlled Depth Peel: A highly advanced, in-office-only doctor or nurse procedure, recommended for use when scarring, severe laxity, severe texture damage and advanced melasma are of concern, sedation is required.
  • Co2 Laser Resurfacing: Carbon dioxide (CO2) Fractional CO2 lasers excel at treating deeper wrinkles, more severe textural changes from sun damage, wrinkles, blotchiness, acne scars, and surgical or traumatic scars. It can be used on the delicate eyelid skin and around the mouth. Small pockets of skin are vaporized with the CO2 laser hand piece to encourage collagen remodeling and skin rejuvenation.

*Save 20% on each advanced treatment through January! (330) 721-2323 to schedule your consultation or you may request an appointment online at

(January specials must be purchased by 1/31/18 but can be used at a later time)

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