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The Ins and Outs Of Botox®

We are guessing that there’s a good chance you have heard about Botox before. We know the news of Botox is everywhere: social media, movies, TV, advertisements, and maybe even among your friends and family. However, at Visage Surgical Institute, we know that there are many misconceptions about this infamous injection because it has been so public. If you are interested in knowing what Botox is truly about and what the results you can expect from Botox®  with Dr. Quereshy, you are in the right place! Time to learn the ins and outs of this exciting procedure.

Back to The Basics: What Is Botox?

Botox addresses the root of our wrinkle problems: muscle contractions. Really think about where we get our wrinkles for a second. Forehead, eyes, lips, nose…those are all areas where there are lots of muscle movement. Over the years lines and wrinkles show up in those places. How Botox helps address this problem is by relaxing that muscle tension to help fade away those lines. This isn’t a compensatory way of “filling in” those lines; it’s an active approach addressing the very reason for those wrinkles.

Common Areas for Botox

There are many common areas that people utilize Botox for in order to smooth their skin. Common complaints like crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead lines, and eyebrow drooping can all be effectively treated with Botox. Dr. Quereshy is even able to address excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) with Botox injections!

Who Is Botox For?

The answer to this question may surprise you! You may have answered older clients and celebrities, but that is where you are wrong. While Botox certainly can help many of our clients turn back the clock with wrinkles and lines, we have seen amazing benefits for our younger clients coming into our offices as well.

Wrinkles and lines can come in as early as our twenties! This is especially true if you scrunch your forehead, raise those brows, or squint your eyes. Botox can help with this dilemma two different ways—Botox can help relax wrinkles that have already appeared and also can be used as a preventative measure. By relaxing those muscles in the forehead, your body won’t be able to create new wrinkles! It’s time to change our way of thinking that Botox is just restorative, because it can help so many young people in the Cleveland and Medina area prevent wrinkles as well.

Botox Recovery and Results

After your Botox treatment, it is natural to have some redness, bruising, and swelling, but these will all fade over the next few days. You will also be pleased to know that you may return back to your daily routine immediately after your Botox treatment (although it is best to avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours).

Botox results last about 3 to 4 months and so several of our Ohio clients schedule regular treatment sessions to ensure that their skin continues to stay youthful and beautiful all year round.

Begin Your Botox Journey

If you are interested in pursuing Botox at Visage Surgical Institute, please schedule your initial consultation today. Begin your exciting journey to healthy and youthful skin today!




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