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Peel. Purge. Purify. Why now is the right time for a Peel!!   Ahhh, it’s my favorite time of the year! The Season of PEELS in the esthetic industry, which if you’re a guest of mine here at the  V-Spa you are very aware!! I can not boast enough that transitioning our skin in the […]

Vspa: September Blog

School is officially back in session, and it’s the perfect time to take advantage of our September “Peel and Pout” Special! We are combining our very favorite lip filler, Juvederm and the ever transcendent, ZO Skin Health. Stop by the VSpa and take the doubt out of your pout with our Board Certified Facial Cosmetic […]

Vspa: August Blog

Are you a product junkie?  Always buying the latest and (supposedly) greatest skincare products on the market?  Is Sephora or Ulta your favorite store?  Do you feel like you spend SO MUCH money on your skin, but you’re still not seeing those stunning results you were promised? Once again, the VSpa has the answer to […]

VSpa Blog: July 2020

Happy Independence Day, America! Our country is another year older, and we have all lost another percentage of collagen. (sad face) Did you know that on our 29th birthday, we begin to lose 1% of our collagen Every. Single. Year?! As if getting older wasn’t rough enough, our existing collagen and elastin gets broken down […]

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the world beautiful people! It’s Mychael here, your new aesthetician at the V-Spa. I’m back in the treatment room, ready to help you get that summer glow!  We have all been under so much stress these past few months and that can wreak havoc on our skin.  Don’t be sad though, our […]

V-Spa is Open

We are excited to open our medical spa…safely. We are happy to announce that our medical spa will reopen. As has been the case throughout the Covid-19 crisis and before, the safety of our patients and staff is paramount and will guide our decision making as we resume operations. We will open in a step-wise […]


With our nation and our network responding to the current threat posed by the COVID-19 outbreak, we are reaching out to you to share some perspective on the current pursuit of your are with The Visage Surgical Institute. Our intention is to provide some fact-based education on receiving care and the confidence that can come […]

To the Patients and Friends of Visage Surgical Institute

Specific data about Covid-19, in particular its prevalence in Ohio, remains limited. It is highly probable, however, that we are just ahead of the logarithmic curve that characterizes the spread of a pandemic. This means aggressive measures with respect to social distancing have the most potential benefit now. We are therefore implementing several specific measures […]

7 Reasons You Should Consider a Silhouette InstaLift™

It happens to the best of us—sagging facial skin that seems to droop more and more as we age. Thankfully, we aren’t stuck. We’ve got options—effective, non-invasive options—available at our fingertips. The Silhouette InstaLift™ treatment is a facelift without a cumbersome surgery or a lengthy recovery time, without the stigma of going under the knife, […]