Quereshy, Stem Cell Facelift - ImageThere is no event more glamourous in Hollywood than the Academy Awards. In anticipation of the event, the Academy recently released the list of items that the nominees will be receiving as a part of their so-called swag bag. With well over $200,000 worth of goodies—we, along with Dr. Quereshy, were particularly surprised to see the Vampire Breast Lift listed amongst the decadent items.

Also known as PRP (platelet rich plasma) breast enhancement, the Vampire Breast Lift uses a patient’s own blood to rejuvenate the bust area. Adding volume and lift, the non-surgical procedure promises rounder, perkier breasts.

Our focus, at Visage Surgical Institute, is more centered on facial rejuvenation. That said, we offer a similar procedure, the Stem Cell Facelift, which uses the same principles as the Vampire Breast Lift. Similar to the breast lift, we use a mixture of blood platelets and fibrin as a source of facial rejuvenation. Touting the same benefits as the Vampire Breast Lift, the Stem Cell Facelift promises a fuller, perkier, more youthful facial appearance.  

What Is the Stem Cell Facelift?

The treatment, which consists of drawing blood, is similar to other non-invasive injectable treatment in that it is carefully injected into wrinkles and areas of volume loss. When introduced into aging facial tissues, the Stem Cell Facelift works by:

  • Accelerating normal cell renewal
  • Promoting collagen formation
  • Stimulating revascularization (increasing the blood supply)
  • Repairing damaged tissues

Naturally enhancing your appearance, the facelift works to combat signs of aging like volume loss while simultaneously promoting youthful qualities such as the skin’s firmness and tightness.

Why Consider a Stem Cell Facelift?

Whereas other injectable treatments work wonders by adding volume, the Stem Cell Facelift is unique in that it stimulates your body’s own production of collagen. Stimulating your skin’s own regenerative system, our Medina clients love the natural, subtle look that is possible with the Stem Cell Facelift. The results are gradual and you will see improvement as your skin continues its renewal process. Even better—results can last up to two years.

With the Stem Cell Facelift, you too can radiate a youthful glow. Schedule your personal consultation with us at Visage Surgical Institute if you are interested in restoring a youthful facial appearance.