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The Lips You Want

It is no secret that women want full and luscious lips. But, for many, their lips are far from being an enviable pout. More and more, women are considering cosmetic enhancement to help them achieve the lips they desire. And, the good news? With the help of dermal fillers, Dr. Quereshy can define both the size and shape of your lips.

I Want My Lips to Look Natural

No one wants a “trout pout”. Often, patients are hesitant to augment their lips in fear that their lips will appear conspicuously fake. Lip augmentation not only adds volume, but can also improve the proportion and definition of your lips. Creating an ideal lip shape is dependent on your individual facial features. Highly experienced, Dr. Quereshy will create a lip that is complementary to your facial features. Dr. Quereshy understands that for most, less is more. By carefully placing the injection sites, Dr. Quereshy is able to create a subtly full pout.

I Want Soft, Kissable Lips

To augment lips, we use dermal fillers that are made up of hyaluronic acid (HA). A naturally occurring substance in our bodies, hyaluronic acid attracts and brings water to the surface of the lips giving the lips a soft and subtle plumpness. As a sort of “shock-absorber”, hyaluronic acid creates a pillow-like fullness—both in look and feel.

But, What if I Do Not Like the Result?

Dermal fillers are temporary—generally lasting three to six months. Once the filler has run its course, your lips will return to their normal state. Contrary to what some believe, your lips will not appear stretched-out or saggy. In fact, it has been proven that the added hyaluronic acid triggers the body’s natural HA production—giving your lips a slightly more voluminous appeal.

On the off chance that you find yourself especially displeased with the results of your HA injection, Dr. Quereshy can reverse the effect by injecting hyaluronidase, a solution that dissolves the dermal filler.

The Lips You Want at Visage Surgical Institute

Are you excited for a fuller pout? At Visage Surgical Institute, beautifully natural lips can be yours. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Quereshy today.


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